Safe Working Period (SWP)

The best option for accurately monitoring a crane's condition

It is of vital importance that when operating lifting equipment, an accurate method of monitoring it’s condition is employed. Street Crane now offer a ‘Condition Monitor’ unit as an option on all hoist models. This unit accurately measures each load the hoist takes as well the number of operating hours. Operating hours alone cannot determine the condition of a hoist and therefore its predicted working life.

The Street Crane ‘Condition Monitoring Unit’ consists of a graphical display mounted within the hoist control panel and a graphical display mounted on the outside.

Hoist conditions monitored

  • Safe Working Period as defined in BSISO 12482:2014
  • Hours Run
  • Total Starts
  • Number of periods exceeding Cyclic Duration Factor
  • Number of periods exceeding Starts/Hour Factor

Controller Alarms

  • S.W.P 90 %
  • S.W.P Exceeded
  • % ED Exceeded
  • % St/Hr Exceeded