Street Crane History

Serving industry since 1946

Since its formation in 1946 by Peter Street, our business has grown steadily to become the UK’s largest overhead crane manufacturer and its only volume wire rope hoist manufacturer.

Peter Street

Born in Sheffield in 1921 Peter Street was destined to be an engineer. The youngest of four brothers, in a family that had connections to the steel industry, Peter grew up with a fascination for things mechanical.

Peter served his country as a WWII Spitfire pilot and played an active role in many wartime events including campaigns in North Africa and Italy. Within one week of his return to civilian life in 1946, Peter had started his business of repairing and building overhead cranes.

Street Crane

Originally based in Britain’s most famous ‘steel town’ – Sheffield; Street Crane started out life as an overhead crane repair and service business.

Relocation and Expansion

Street Crane was relocated to Chapel-en-le-Frith in 1957 where Street Crane moved into a large and modern fabrication facility capable of constructing the larger cranes that were being demanded for modern factories at the time.

Continuous product development

Over the decades Peter Street pioneered new overhead crane technology that kept his business ahead of all the major competition.

From lightweight box beam design to a series of advances in wire rope hoisting technology Street Crane has continued to evolve and improve.

Building a Global Network

In the late 1980’s Street Crane was firmly established with over 50 percent of the UK market and the business realized that it now had to grow its export business in order to provide sustainable growth.

Street realized that key to this export market was to develop a world beating standard product and in the 1990s the current range of  ZX wire rope hoists was born.

Starting with a small handful of distributors dotted around the world, Street Crane now has over 80 distribution partners covering every corner of the planet.