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60 seconds with Peter Komatovic


Peter Komatovic, Director at Insem Atmos, Street Crane’s distributor in Slovenia.

Tell us a bit about Insem Atmos

We were established in 1990 by my father, Stjepan Komatovic and Bojan Pusnik, a former employee at Atmos, a large crane manufacturer which closed when Yugoslavia broke up.

Initially, the company provided service and maintenance for the old equipment supplied by Atmos, but when Slovenia started to grow, we ventured into crane manufacturing and built our first factory in 1996.

We are still a family-owned business with more than 30 employees and have manufactured thousands of cranes of different types.

How long have you been working with Street?

We have been working with Street since 2010 and have since purchased hundreds of hoists, crane kits and components.

Why did you choose to work with Street?

Our previous hoist supplier didn’t develop its products for more than 10 years so over time, they became dated compared to our competition and we experienced lots of operational problems.

When we were introduced to Street, we were very impressed by the wide range of lifting equipment available and ordered our first hoist. We are very happy with the modular design and quality of Street’s products which has continuously improved in recent years. The Street hoists are far superior to others we have used in terms of their modern design, technical features, safety and reliability. 

What type of companies do you sell cranes to – and what cranes are in most demand?

We provide all sorts of cranes ranging from small jib cranes and monorails up to bigger overhead cranes and gantry cranes up to 100 tonnes. These are supplied to a variety of companies in industries including food, automotive, plastics, energy, tooling, and transport as well smaller workshops.

What do your customers like about most about Street cranes?

The modular design of the hoists and detailed features which improve reliability and functionality such as the side guide rollers, trolley wheels and unique outer brake gearbox design. The Street hoist is also more robust then most of those offered by the competition and is very easy to maintain and install.

What does the future hold for your business?

The European market is getting more demanding which is leading to the introduction of new crane technologies. We will be working with Street to help meet this challenge and ensure we can compete.

We are also planning to expand our production facility and restructure our operations so we shift our focus onto manufacturing.  The expansion will provide protected storage for crane girders and make space for crane installation and testing prior to dispatch.