Unique electrical specification and protection

ZX Hoists are available with certification to CE or to both CSA and UL.
Quick release plug and socket connections are standard and all panel wiring is fully identified to terminals.
Every hoist is equipped with an ‘hours in service meter’ continuously recording the total running time since commissioning.

Travel and Trolley Motor Control
Variable frequency drive (VFD) is standard on travel and trolley programmed for ramp and hold with two position controllers.
This allows the operator to start in micro-speed and ramp up towards full speed, with the ability to hold any speed in between.
Alternatively, the standard controls can simply be programmed for two pre-set speeds.




Dual Wound Hoist Motor
Provides an economical two speed solution when hoist motor power is less than 30 kW.

Closed Loop Variable Speed
Speeds are varied by means of a frequency inverter in ‘’closed loop’’ with a motor encoder which provides a high safety level through continuous speed monitoring. As standard this system provides the facility to programme hoisting and lowering speeds as well as acceleration and deceleration to suit your application.

The standard control setting is ‘ramp and hold’ for infinitely variable speeds on both hoist and lower. Two position controls allow the operator to start in micro-speed and ramp up towards full speed with the ability to hold any speed in between. Alternatively the standard controls can simply be set for two pre-set speeds. Multiple speed options are also available.

No Load Express Lift
This option significantly increases hoisting and lowering speeds when there is no load on the hook.

Load Dependent Speed (LDS)
LDS provides optimum efficiency/minimum cycle time with automatic and incremental increase in hoisting and lowering speeds for medium, small and zero load. Heavy loads must be handled at slower speeds to maintain safety.

VFD Program Tool 
Distributors are given access to program VFDs