ZX 10 wire rope hoist

Lifting up to 80 tonnes.

The ZX range of hoists offers pre engineered heavy lift hoisting solutions with very high quality and competitive prices.

'SS' single gearbox – single rope hoists lifting up to 32 Tonnes
A combination of gearboxes, drums and rope diameter provides a huge model range at lower duties to suit all budgets. A single scrolled hoist drum provides the most efficient and cost effective solution for double girder applications up to 32 tonnes. 

'ST' single gearbox – twin scroll hoists lifting up to 40 Tonnes
Double scrolled open hoist drum with a single gearbox provides a cost effective true vertical lift solution for medium to high duties up to 40 tonnes. 

'DT' double gearbox – twin scroll hoists lifting up to 80 Tonnes
The top of the ZX range, the double scrolled hoist drum combined with a double gearbox for the highest lifting capacities or for very heavy duty ratings. Zero hook movement over the full lifting height.

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