James Moes

Job title: Tendering Engineer – US Specialist

James Moes, tendering engineer and US specialist at Street Crane

What has your career been like to date:

I did a degree in electrical engineering before moving to the UK seven years ago. I worked in the sales team for a lighting company and travel company, but had always wanted to work for a UK manufacturer, so jumped at the opportunity to work for Street.

What are your main responsibilities?

I help to manage our distributors across the US. This involves managing any enquiries for kits, design work and crane packages and then I obtain quotes accordingly. A key part of my role is to also maintain our strong customer relationships.

What do you like about working for Street?

I enjoy working with a product that has such a strong reputation and the company culture at Street is excellent. The people are great and it feels like a family so everyone takes good care of each other.