A fundamental safety feature unique to ZX wire rope hoists.

All ZX6 and ZX8 hoists are designed with a continuous shaft through the centre of the hoist drum and purpose-designed “retention flanges” at either end of the hoist drum.

This arrangement ensures that:

  • If the drum fails, the rope and load will be retained by the shaft.

  • If the shaft fails, the retention flanges will retain the drum with the rope and the load. 

You won’t find other manufacturer offering this level of hoist drum safety as standard.

This “one-fault-safe” design was developed specifically to allow Street Crane to offer lifting solutions for nuclear handling applications and other environments involving handling hazardous loads. We have since adopted this enhanced safety feature and now offer it as a standard feature across our complete range of ZX6 & ZX8 models.

We’ve also included a summary of these points in our ZX hoist brochure shown below.


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