All our gears are in the box.

In some hoists, the drum is driven by a final pinion and spur ring outside the gearbox (i.e. open gearing). The ZX hoist is designed with automotive standard, hardened and precision ground helical gears all of which are submerged in an oil bath inside the gearbox. Universally recognised as the most efficient method to ensure the very best lubrication of critical gears, this design provides:

  • reduced gear wear

  • enhanced reliability

  • reduced noise emission

  • reduced power consumption

  • controlled temperature rise

All of this results in improved efficiency and extended operational life of the gearbox components.


At the time of the industrial revolution when material science was in its infancy and gears were much larger, open or external gears were commonplace in power transmission because it was not practical to enclose large gears in a gearbox/oil bath.
Today with the availability of advanced materials, and precision hardening and grinding techniques, open gears are unnecessary and not consistent with the requirements for high reliability and low maintenance in modern production machinery.

The term “open gears” traditionally refers to any gears which are not in an oil bath or inside a gearbox. These arrangements rely heavily on regular maintenance via grease lubrication and may result in unplanned downtime and expensive repairs if they are not properly maintained.


We’ve also included a summary of these points in our ZX hoist brochure shown below.