A hoist gearbox without a lid is like a car without a bonnet!

Employers have a responsibility to ensure all lifting equipment is inspected and maintained regularly to a safe condition. To ensure that a hoist is safe to use it is necessary to check the condition of the hoist gears as part of a routine inspection schedule. A gearbox lid makes this quick and easy but without a lid, it is a very time-consuming operation involving dismantling the hoist and hours of downtime. It may also become a safety issue if you or your service provider are deterred from inspecting the gears because of difficult access or the time involved.

You may be surprised to know many suppliers do not have a gearbox lid!

All ZX wire rope hoists have been designed with a gearbox lid which provides your service technician with a convenient means of inspecting the gears within minutes.

We’ve also included a summary of these points in our ZX hoist brochure shown below.


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