The lifetime cost of ownership is the intelligent comparison when investing in capital equipment.

We think you will find the purchase price of our equipment ‘on the money’ but we urge you also to consider operating costs to appreciate the long term value of choosing Street.

Our ZX hoist incorporates features which have been designed specifically to save time and therefore money in the servicing, maintenance and inspection routines which are necessary on any hoist to ensure safety and reliability throughout the product life.

Lower service bills and less planned downtime.

  • Hoist brake mounted externally makes service and inspection fast and easy

  • A gearbox lid allows a service technician to view the hoist gears in minutes

  • Motor coupling inspection port allows inspection in minutes.

The ZX hoists design features also extend the life of components and prevent unexpected failures. 

Lower parts bills and less unplanned downtime.

  • All hoist gears enclosed in a gearbox and running in an oil bath are more reliable and last significantly longer than more traditional open or external gears.

  • Unique double band rope guide prevents rope and rope guide failures due to a “slack rope” condition.

  • Long-life guide rollers and flangeless trolley wheels eliminate expensive wheel flange wear.

  • Direct drive on single girder trolley is more reliable and durable than traditional spur and pinion drive.

  • Lower operating temperature in the hoist motor increases reliability and extends the life of the motor.

  • The hoist motor is protected against; overheating, under-voltage, over-current, single-phasing and incorrect phase sequencing.

  • Hoist brake hand release facility allows a maintenance technician to lower the load in a controlled manner in the event of power failure or if the hoist is out of service for any reason.

  • ZX spare parts are competitively priced and we use non-captive proprietary switchgear.

We’ve also included a summary of these points in our ZX hoist brochure shown below.


If you would like more information or advice on how our ZX range can benefit your business please complete the form below or contact a member of our sales team.