Reaction roller eliminates the need for a counterweight

Traditional single girder hoists are designed such that a counterbalance is required on one side of the hoist to balance the weight of the hoist mechanism.

The ZX single girder hoist trolley incorporates a reaction roller running on the underside of the crane beam which precludes the need for a counterweight.

A reaction roller:

  • Reduces the overall weight of the hoist and the crane

  • Reduces the power requirements for both trolley and travel motors thus improving drive efficiencies

  • Improves trolley stability

  • Improved traction ensuring constant contact between the drive wheel and runway beam. This can be particularly problematic on rolled I-beam sections

  • Improves trolley control

  • Provides a lighter, more compact hoist solution which contributes to savings in packing and shipping costs

We’ve also included a summary of these points in our ZX hoist brochure shown below.


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